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Welcome to the Alamo As, the Model A Ford Club of San Antonio !
The Alamo As celebrates everything to do with the Model A Ford in San Antonio and South Texas. The club was formed in 1965 and is still going strong. Our main purpose is to keep the Ford Model A alive in San Antonio. These remarkable vehicles, produced for only four years between 1928 and 1931, were built in a large number of body styles and all are represented within the club. The "Alamo A's" is a remarkably busy group. We have around 90 members and own among us over 200 Model A Fords. We take part in tours, car shows, local cruises, and parades. We have regular monthly meetings and some of us also meet for breakfast at a Jims restaurant every week. Anyone who owns a Model A, is thinking of getting one or simply enjoys what we think is one of the best automobiles ever built is welcome and encouraged to join us anytime.
We hold most of our regular club meetings on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 1:30 PM. Our home base is VFW Post 8541, located at 2222 Austin HWY, San Antonio TX 78218. See the activity schedule on the home page for the date, time and location of our next meeting because we sometimes meet at other places or during a scheduled club event. Meetings are frequently followed by a short cruise to a local restaurant for a more relaxed get together, the "eating after the meeting," you might say. If you want to hang out with fellow Ford Model A enthusiasts even more often - and who could blame you - you will find a fun bunch of Alamo A's members enjoying breakfast at the Jims Restaurant just inside Loop 410 at Perrin-Beitel just about every Saturday throughout the year, except when there is another major club activity that day - and sometimes even then as well. Folks meet there before heading out to the activity together. The actual address is 2630 NE Loop 410, San Antonio TX 78218. Rain or shine, there is usually a good number of Model A Fords in the parking lot by 8 o'clock. Come join us !

Tom Richards, Alamo As President

Tom's affection for Model A Fords was sparked by one owned by his grandfather. He recalls how upset he was when it was sold when he was still a child. Years later, now an accomplished locksmith, while on vacation in Canada with his wife, they encountered some and she mentioned how cool it would be to have one. That's all Tom needed to here, and they are now the proud owners of a 1930 sedan. Joining the Alamo As was a natural step and now he is the club president. He is also an avid RC (radio controlled) aircraft enthusiast and he has invited the club to their flying events on numerous occasions.

Over the years, Tom has learned a lot from always helpful and experienced club members. Whether it is doing restoration work, a minor repair, planning a trip in the Model A or going to enjoy fellowship with other club members, he is now enjoying passing on his enthusiasm to old and new members alike. Anyone who cares for these magnificent vehicles is welcome to join. The annual dues are still only $20. Use the "Contact Us" tab to ask for more details and request an Alamo As membership application form.

You do not have to own a Model A to be a member but, when you see how much fun they are, you will want to get one. As a club member you will be in the company of enthusiastic people who have come to accept and enjoy this wonderful madness. If you feel like you might have the ”Ford Model A Bug”, don't suffer in isolation. Come join us and enjoy life with a whole bunch of friends who will be only happy to make a parking space in the Model A world for you. The Alamo A’s is not just a club about wonderful and historically significant vehicles. It is every bit as much about the group of people who love them.
Click the image below for a page of Alamo A's pictures since 1965

Click the images below to see locally owned Model A Fords

Al Allison

Alamo As member Al Allison

Al Collins

Alamo As member Al Collins - in shorts at car

Ati & Paulette Saenz

Alamo As members Paulette & Ati Saenz

Bill Bowen

Alamo As member Bill Bowen

Bill & Kathy Todt

Alamo As members Bill & Kathy Todt

Bob & Judy Abbey

Alamo As member Bob & Judy Abbey

Chris Powell

Alamo As member Chris Powell

Denise McGee

Alamo As member Denise McGee

Dennis & Kim Harwell

Former Alamo As president Dennis Harwell withe wife Kim

Doyle & Barbra Cook

Alamo As members Doyle & Barbara Cook

Eddie Morris

Alamo As member Eddie Morris

Garry & Ellen Henry

Alamo As members Garry & Ellen Henry

Gary & Eva Huey

Alamo As members Gary & Eva Huey

Gene & Becky Allen

Alamo As members Gene & Becky Allen

Guy Hamilton

Alamo As member Guy Hamilton

Harry Green

Alamo As member Harry Green

Hugh Hemphill

Alamo As member Hugh Hemphill

Isaac Isaiah Garcia

Alamo As member Isaac Isaiah Garcia

James Allson

Alamo As member James Allison

James Taylor

Alamo As member James "Jimmy" Taylor

Jay Pearcy

Alamo As member Jay Pearcy

Jerry Cowan

Alamo As member Jerry Cowan

Jerry Fulton

Alamo As member Jerry Fulton

Jesse & Ora Trevino

Alamo As members Jesse & Ora Trevino

Jim Masters

Alamo As member Jim Masters

John & Belinda Andersen

John & Belinda Andersen

John & Darlene Blumentritt

Alamo As members John & Darlene Blumentritt

John & Pam Denison

Alamo As member Pam & John Denison

John & Billie Oehller

Alamo As member John & Billie Oehller

Kermit & Alberta Lochte

Alamo As members Kermit & Albeta Lochte

Kirk Mills

Alamo As member Kirk Mills

Leon Weinstrom

Alamo As member Leon Weinstrom

Marvin Black

Alamo As member Marvin Black

John Young

Alamo As member John Young

Ken & Barbara Stevens

Alamo As members Barbara & Ken Stevens

Manuel Longoria

Alamo As member Manuel Longoria

Mike Maloy

Alamo As member Mike Maloy

Morris & Kim Eddy

Alamo As members Morris & Kim Eddy

Ray Williamson

Alamo As member Ray Williamson

Rick & Marlene Richter

Alamo As members Rick & Marlene Richter

Robert Williams

Alamo As member Robert Williams

Roy Garza

Alamo As member Roy Garza

Rudy Blanco

Alamo As member Rudy Blanco

Tad Petrie

Alamo As member Tad Petrie

Tom Foster

Alamo As member Tom Foster

Tony Essick

Alamo As member Tom Richards

Tony Essick

Alamo As member Tony Essick